The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity by Matthew Kelly

Every month we work through a new book, essay or talk in order to actively apply the lessons in our growth process. This month, Matthew Kelly’s book,The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity: How Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness was our guide. Matthew Kelly always has a way of presenting important realities in an easy to grasp format. What

Join us in the discussion at our facebook group. Grab a copy ofThe Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity: How Modern Culture Is Robbing Billions of People of Happiness . Go to our blog posts for tools and study guides to better implement your knowledge and generate real change in your life. Start today and discover what it means to live with Momentum!


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Ready to grow? Whether with a group of friends or by yourself, growth begins with learning. Check out our Momentum Group reads and take 28 days to study and apply. Every book has been chosen because it has been provocative, inspirational, motivational or just plain interesting. Each new idea and fresh conversation that comes from reading stretches you beyond where you are today.

When you make the decision to grow and develop yourself, you will never be the same. Start your journey today and discover what you were made for in the process!



Living with Momentum means starting every day with purpose and embracing what is at hand while you work in God’s plan for your life. When you have made the decision to grow yourself, take the next step on the journey: share it with others. Accountability and companionship make you more committed to the goals you set. Knowing that someone is there to encourage you can lift you up in times when it is difficult to do what you know is best.

Momentum Groups that meet monthly (or every 28 days) create a rhythm of personal development. Every month, review your goals and the habits you need to get there. Look back on how you have done, and recalibrate for the next month. Discuss your group read or growth content. Start your next month with a fresh resolve, heightened sense of purpose and the knowledge that you are living every day with momentum.



You don’t just stumble into living with momentum–you choose momentum. You plan to live with Momentum. Momentum Planners were designed with busy Catholic women in mind. The Momentum Planner focuses on what matters most and helps you to build momentum in your life. Daily saints and feasts help to keep your faith in the forefront while meal planning and zone cleaning keep your household on track.

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Start Living with Momentum with our 2018 Catholic Momentum Planner! Download a sample month to try out.


Sharing Similar Goals
Often at a meeting, I’ll discover at least one other Momentum friend is starting to work on the same new habit or similar goal. We can then encourage each other throughout the month or team up.