The Story

It started with a group of women.

They didn’t know what they were getting into. It just seemed like a positive thing to do: get together on a regular basis as an accountability to one another for personal growth.

But something happened that first time. A discovery was made. The reality that this was important. This was life-changing. We could never go back to who we were before. Each one of us found something that had been buried within the busy moments of our lives. We remembered that we were more than the sum of our responsibilities–that we had hopes and dreams, goals and frustrations and that they were good. That every challenge and setback, every joyful triumph, had a purpose.

We also remembered that we were not alone. The cross that each of us carried was exactly the same weight, though each one varied in shape and size and appearance.

Every day is a choice to grow closer to God’s vision for your life, or float further away from it. Living with Momentum is about setting a course and moving towards what God is calling you to. Every step draws the vision into clearer focus. By committing to walking with each other and challenging one another to pick up our individual Crosses, we create momentum.

If you have ever had moments of doubt. If you ever find yourself in the same place with no change in sight, maybe you are ready to re-set your vision.

Maybe you are ready to gain perspective, grow intentionally  and discover the transformative effect of  Living with Momentum.