The Fly Lady

I guess I should’ve gotten the hint when my mom handed me a copy long ago of the Fly Lady’s Sink Reflections masterpiece on mastering your home routines. I think I still have her copy. It is one of those super practical books that, if followed,  can revolutionize your home maintenance in a way that it is not a burden (Notice the caveat, “if you follow it…”). Owning or reading the book without consistent application is the equivalent of paying for Weight Watchers but choosing to do it your own way.

Though I fail pretty consistently at keeping things ordered, I am always working on it and the Fly Lady has some of the best practices for getting your home routines under control.

One of her things is “Zones.” She chooses to focus primarily on the public areas, but in the Momentum planners, private spaces are included in the breakdown. Of course, you can always designate your own zones to match your space. The idea, though, is that there are 5 Zones, 1 for each week of most months. Whatever Zone you are on that week, you would focus your deep-cleaning and decluttering just on that area. Anytime you have 15 minutes to spare, you jump in the Zone for that week.  The idea is that you would circle back to that Zone the following month, eventually paring down to easier maintenance and routine care.

When I have done it consistently, it does make all the difference. The Zones are consistently included in the planner so that, even if you fail one week, you can pick it up whenever you get motivated again.

So whether you use the Momentum Planner or have your own, using the Zones Charts to build a routine can be the first step to getting your house in order.

For more info on the Fly Lady, grab a copy of her book, Sink Reflections. Or visit her website at

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