The Team Behind Momentum


Bridget is passionate about discovering her deepest capabilities and putting them to good use. She is a daily failure that gets back up and faces the next challenge. Living authentically is her dream and Living with Momentum is her path to achieving that end.


Passionate about learning, fearless and unsinkable, Leah is always aiming for a better place. Though life can be challenging with children and husband, she never loses her desire to make the most of every situation. Her honesty and authenticity make her a welcome companion for any of life's twists and turns. Without Leah, Living with Momentum may have stayed a dormant seed waiting to be born.


Faithful, constant and perpetually hopeful, Vivianne has been the steady force for goodness. She lives her life with great confidence in God's goodness and draws her family around her for strength and joy. Her creativity and gentleness are enough to lift any spirit and remind them to seek out the true and beautiful even in the midst of darkness. She lives true to her calling of motherhood and inspires others to embrace the mission of raising great humans.


Joanne lives every day with laughter and never fails to find the humor in even the most difficult of cases. She takes life with all it's ups and downs and makes the most of it. With diligence and detail, she serves her clients in her business, yet is able to save the best part of herself for her family.


Organized and committed to action, Deborah makes chaos look like a neatly arranged tapestry. She doesn't let anything keep her from her mission, yet still makes time for others. She inspires others to make great leaps by sticking to a plan and following through. She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence for herself and her family.


Fascinated with all the beauties of nature and man, Michelle brings an appreciation for the wonders that lie all around. She is a life-long learner and never misses an opportunity to discover new worlds or new ideas. She challenges others to see the beauty that they themselves possess. Her hospitality extends beyond her home and makes all feel welcome wherever they are.


A professional mother who devotes herself entirely to the success of her family, Kelly is tireless in her devotion. Leaving the corporate world to raise her lovely family was an easy choice. Through every difficulty she has trusted that God has a plan and a path to discover that plan. She would say that life can be messy but that God puts the right people in the right places at the right times. She is a fighter and refuses to accept the status quo.