Not my monkey. Not my circus.

Not my monkey. Not my circus.  This is one of the most freeing mantras for whenever I get off track with other people’s projects or issues. I used to spend hours agonizing over the decisions of others that had virtually no bearing on my life. I now know that being able to identify what IS my circus and what is not is one of the greatest skills I have acquired. It has created natural boundaries for my time and energy.  Three Ways to Protect Yourself from OPM (Other People’s Monkeys) Step back. Sometimes just stepping back, emotional and physically, can Read More

Flawed but Beautiful

Why do we value the imperfect, in things and nature but reject the same imperfections and flaws in ourselves and others? I recently ate at a lovely restaurant that had beautiful finishes and impeccable food. The lighting was rustic, the chairs vintage and the table crafted of wood that has seen many decades come and go. There was more than just a charm–there was a deep beauty that permeated the materials. The knots and twists wrought into the wood over years of growth yielded a completely unique plank that made this place feel special and important. But why is a Read More

Emotional Slavery No More

Emotional Slavery”When we stop fighting the inevitable we release energy which enables us to create a richer life.” -Elsie MacCormickOne thing that I have only recently discovered is the enslaving power of an emotion in a momentary decision. Every day brings with it a set of tasks that must be completed as part of my ‘necessary’ responsibilities. I found that I would frequently dread certain jobs to the point that I would put it off until it was a much bigger job. Laundry, dishes, responding to email, checking voicemail and following up with clients–pick something. I could mentally turn any Read More