7 Things I Learned From Running a Marathon

RUNNING A MARATHON WILL CHANGE YOU FOREVER. I am not a runner by trade or preference, though I used to be athletic–before marriage and children. However, running a marathon taught me some lessons–or reminded me of truths–that I will be forever grateful for. Last year, in my 39th year, Leah tricked me into running a marathon. It started out harmlessly enough with, “Wanna go for a walk?” How could I refuse? Then it became, let’s just run a mile. Then there was a 5K, later followed by a 10K. The 10K was a stepping stone to the half marathon which Read More

Misplaced Priorities Make for Misery

Not making your real priorities your actual priorities makes for misery. While working feverishly on all the pressing projects and knocking out deadlines for everyone else, you look around and realize that the whirlwind flashing past you is YOUR LIFE! Like a rat in a wheel you are chasing after every type of perfect: happy boss, happy husband, happy job, happy client, happy kids, happy body.. while you slowly go crazy and lose perspective of what is most important to you. I have found it easy to lose perspective. I have a lot of pressures: marriage, employees, clients, kids, friends Read More

Flawed but Beautiful

Why do we value the imperfect, in things and nature but reject the same imperfections and flaws in ourselves and others? I recently ate at a lovely restaurant that had beautiful finishes and impeccable food. The lighting was rustic, the chairs vintage and the table crafted of wood that has seen many decades come and go. There was more than just a charm–there was a deep beauty that permeated the materials. The knots and twists wrought into the wood over years of growth yielded a completely unique plank that made this place feel special and important. But why is a Read More

Grow Something, Grow Yourself

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”. – Ralph Waldo Emerson When you grow a garden, you grow yourself. My primary occupation is working with clients to improve the value of their lives and their homes through professional landscape design. I help people make the most of what they have, show them how they can make it better and walk with them through the process of creation and beautification. One thing about landscaping, and more specifically, gardening, is that you can’t help but grow yourself. When you try something new or Read More

First Day of the BEST of Your Life

  Today is when everything changes. This is the first day of the BEST of your life because there is no time like the present to commit to living well right where you are. All you need to start is a pen, a pad of paper, a calendar or planner and a decision to really live right where you are at. Daily Success Basics: Set aside time to think, plan and pray to get your bearings. Make a list of everything that you need to do right now and for the week, for work or for home in no specific Read More