Planning Tools for What Matters Most

Momentum Planners are designed to help you manage what matters most.

Designed for working and busy Catholic moms, this planner works with your life to keep you focused on your priorities. The Momentum Planner comes in a variety of sizes, formats and bindings. Each one includes saints for the liturgical year (based on the USCCB liturgical calendar)

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Free Templates for organization and priority management.

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 Big Rocks Template-One Page . Need to regroup and remember what matters most? Download our free Big Rocks template. When you get the big rocks (the priorities) done in your day, there is time for other things. If you only put out fires and avoid the important stuff, it will never get done. Read more about the Big Rocks here.

The 80/20 Principle. Quick Tools cut to the chase. They help you remember important principles of efficiency and effectiveness. The 80/20 principle, or the Pareto Principle, help you determine what is important and what can be cut.

Grab our LWM-QT-80-20 Principle Printable and get started with looking at your life through this paradigm.

What is Important? What is Urgent? Stephen Covey is the greatest efficiency expert of our days, not because he teaches about getting things done–but because he focuses on getting the right things done for the right reasons. Get his flagship book here.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change.
This Quick Tool simply introduces one of his concepts that helps to create rules for how to determine what is important in your life. Download LWM-QT-Spending Time Well.

Action Planner. Looking for a quick way to get going? List out your projects and the next action step for each.

Zones Charts. Zones Charts to be used with the ZONES in the planner. Every week of the month you work on a different zone of your house or your business. Chart your own zones.

Batching. The most efficient way to get stuff done is to batch it with similar activities. Multi tasking can actually decrease efficiency because you need time to get into the groove of each task. Batch your tasks for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


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