Momentum Group Read: WishCraft

WISHCRAFT : How to Get What You Really Want by Barbara Sher & Annie Gottlieb

How do you know what you really want when ever since you were a kid, someone was telling you what was best for you?  Wishcraft delves into the hidden desires and hang ups that every person encounters in life. It is a study of who you were and what you loved before the world gave you a path.

The first half of the book challenges you to dive into your very self to discover what it is that you long for and love–what makes you happy, what gifts you have to share with others. The second half focuses on very specific goal setting and vision boarding to set you up for success.

To make the most of the book, here are a number of activity pages you can print off to implement some of the ideas and strategies contained herein.



  • Momentum Read-Wishcraft-Activity-Encouragement-web. Encourage others in a memorable way–by writing it down. Share your observations of all the good qualities that you admire in your fellow Momentum members. Receive in turn encouragement from others.