Momentum Group Read: WishCraft by Barbara Sher

“The things that are unique and incomparable about you are the only basis on which you can design a life that will truly satisfy you.” Barbara Sher

WishCraft: How to Get What You Really Want was one of those books that created an itch I didn’t know I had. Ms. Sher poses the proposition that you are probably living a life based on everyone else’s standards and ideas of success. She tackles the idea that you have hidden talents, desires, and creativity that have gone dormant and only in awakening them will you find true success–not by the world’s standards of success but by your own journey’s map.

Some books come and go depending on what the current ambitions are. They lose favor when the next trendy wave rushes through. Wishcraft is one of those treasured few that deals in principles, not theory. It doesn’t promise the world but promises to motivate you to discover your true self.

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