Momentum Group Read: How to Stop Worrying & Start Living by Dale Carnegie

Worry. Fear. Anxiety.

How many times do you hear people use these words in conversations? ” I have anxiety.” “I am afraid of what the world is coming to.” “I am worried about the future/my kids/my husband/my income.” There are people with real medical conditions. However, after reading this classic Dale Carnegie treatise on conquering worry, you may look at your life in a different light.  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living will remind you to focus on what you can do, what you can control and how to overcome the limitations that worry and fear create in your life.

5 Ways to face your fear.

  1. Live in day-tight compartments. All you have is this moment. Make the most of it. Tomorrow is not here, yesterday is but a memory.
  2. Ask yourself what is the worst that can happen, then accept the worst.
  3. Put energy into others. Being completely self-focused creates an isolation that can only be cured with service.
  4. Define your fear and worries. Sometimes just putting them into words takes away their power.
  5. Be grateful. There are so many people with significantly greater tragedies and challenges. When you develop gratitude for your life and all that is in it, it is easier to accept the sidetracks and disappointments.

Tools to tackle worry

Nothing changes if nothing changes. We all have worries and anxieties that can be crippling. Take the next 28 Days to strengthen your habits to conquer worry and fear. Name your worries. Decide on positive actions to defeat them. Focus on understanding yourself and how you can take away any power that worry and anxiety hold in your life.

To get a jumpstart on conquering worry, print off our Study +Action Guide-How to Stop Worrying and Start Living to use along with the book. Use it along with your Momentum-Basic Month-1 page, either by yourself or in a group.