Momentum Group Read: Resisting Happiness

Every new year seems to bring with it a greater desire to start fresh. Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly is an actionable companion to your renewed journey. Why do you set goals, work hard, make decisions to better yourself? Kelly says that everything one does comes from the belief that a certain activity or choice will make one happy–that whether our choices are good or bad, unconsciously we believe that they will lead to happiness.

In Resisting Happiness, you are challenged to look at your life through the paradigm of true happiness. Are your choices bringing you closer to the “best-version-of-yourself” or are they foiling the pursuit? Do you even know what happiness is? Taking the time to step back and observe your life will result inĀ  a better understanding of yourself and your behaviors.

Resistance takes on many forms: laziness, procrastination, making excuses. It prevents you from doing what your ought to do.

What is holding you back? Are you resisting happiness?

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