Momentum Group Read: The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia)

C.S. Lewis is one of our regular go-to’s for next level thinking. He has a way of forcing you to consider the eternal and the supernatural in a way that is timeless. This month we grabbed an intellectual read from his Narnia series, The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia). While written at a level that most children would find engaging, The Last Battle is a provocative read for the modern Christian. It is a reminder that our lives are a journey towards the last battle—the final judgment.

Set in a future Narnia where Aslan has become but a rumor to some, Narnia is under attack. The true faith of the Narnians is tested amidst great deception and confusion. In today’s world, we, like the Narnias herein, are faced with the same challenge: why do you believe in a Jesus who reportedly walked the earth thousands of years ago? Why should you continue to have hope?

In dark times, books like The Last Battle, can inspire hope and provide encouragement in the Christian life. Our whole lives are lived to answer the question: Who do you live for? What do you hope in?


-Did the Last Battle inspire hope or leave you feeling that all is for nothing?

-In what way do the people of Narnia relate to your own life and purpose?

-To what character could you most closely relate?