12 Steps to Order and Authenticity


  • QUICK START GUIDE TO LIVING WITH MOMENTUM TODAY Includes basic life management templates for daily use. Every new beginning needs a good foundation. The Guide to Living with Momentum is the foundation for setting you up for success. When you implement the principles in the Guide, you will be able to begin the journey of mapping out where you want to go and who you want to take with you.


  • MOMENTUM 28 Day -1 page . Use the 28 Day one page to jump start your momentum group. Set short term and long term goals, determine the next actions to take to get traction and chart your progress in growing yourself and strengthening your habits.


  • BalanceGROCERY LIST/MEAL PLAN . Use as a vertical folded insert to your planner. Download for free here.¬†Grocery List
  • JUST FOR TODAY-Daily To Do. Print double sided, 2 per page vertical. Download for free here. Just for Today-Daily To D0
  • LIFE ZONES. Get focused on the different areas of your life and make steps to improve. Download for free here. Life Zones
  • ZONE CHARTS. Follow the Zones in your planner to get control of your house. Decluttering and cleaning weekly zone cleaning chart. Download for free here. Zones Charts
  • BATCHING Make a broad plan for your week by mapping out the best use of your time in blocks of time. Scheduling repetitive activities and grouping them can eliminate the wasted time of moving from one task to another. Batching
  • ACTION PLANNER Feeling overwhelmed and in need of some immediate focus? Use this quick organizer to write down your worries along with (2) action steps to tackle them.



Thought Garden Color

Thought Garden: How are you tending yours?

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12 Steps to Order and Authenticity: A 12 step printable

Big Rocks Printable. Big Rocks Template-One Page 

How do you know when you are living out your priorities? Think about what is most important to you and write them into the Big Rocks Printable and post it somewhere as a reminder of what has to be taken care of first. The other stuff will fit if the big things are taken care of.

Read about the Big Rocks philosophy here.

FREE QUICK TOOLS: Concept summaries and action forms

  • QT-FERTILITY-COVERQT: FERTILITY JOURNAL: The Creative Cycle: Understanding your fertility cycle and its effects on your creativity and motivation (6 pages)



  • QT-Spending Time Well-COVERQT:SPENDING TIME WELL: Productivity Quadrants in a nutshell. How to classify your tasks and obligations and reduce stress. (4 pages)



  • QT-80-20-COVER

QT: THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE: Learn the 80/20 principle to cut out the things that are in the way of your ability to live well. (4 pages)