The Magic of Thinking Big

One of the first motivational books I was introduced to in my early adulthood was the Magic of Thinking Big, by David Schwartz. It was eye opening. I was not going to get anywhere fast if I didn’t change my attitude.

As a natural Melancholy, it was always easy for me to tell you why something wouldn’t work or why you shouldn’t do something. Dr. Schwartz, a renowned “life-strategist,” offers an easy-to-read and easy-to-apply summary of what you are doing to make your journey to success difficult for yourself and how you can change to get where you want to go.

A few main takeaways are:

  • your attitude towards yourself, your life, your job, your neighbors determines how successful you will be
  • how you think determines what you will achieve in life
  • stop making excuses: the moment to begin is now
  • goals are necessary to achieve success in your life

Who could benefit from reading this? Why?

  • Young Adults. It can introduce them to good thinking, good habits and good choices before they become set in any negative patterns.
  • Business Owners, Self-Employed and Employees. It forces us to look at where we are and how we are doing. It provides a simple guideline for evaluating our lives to see if we are heading in the direction that we want and to help us correct that direction if need be.
  • Mothers. Because we need to continue to evaluate our personal progress and being a mom can occasionally put us in a rut. We need inspiration and a call to change and improve. Our roles as Domestic Engineers, Teachers, Janitors, Nurses, and so on are all opportunities for us to apply learning through action. It provides a simple paradigm through which to measure ourselves against how we are doing and what we are capable of.

Check out The Magic of Thinking Big to learn and grow!