How to Live with Momentum

Ready to make the most of your time, your talents and your life? Ready to live a life without excuses?

Take the Living with Momentum Challenge! It’s simple:

For the next 7 days:

  • Set your alarm and start your morning with Momentum.
  • Set aside time to pray and plan
  • Download the Beyond Chaos Intro Packet
  • Grab a planner (either the Living with Momentum planner or any one that you have lying around)
  • Grab a notebook or notepad and start a TASK List
  • Choose 3 Tasks to be your Top Priorities for each day
  • PLAN when you will do the Top 3, and plan the rest of the day
  • Work the plan: ACT!

Follow this simple ritual:

TASK . . . PLAN . . . ACT

(Task: what you need to do)

(Plan: when you will do it)

(Act: then do it)