Holiness for Housewives

“The first necessity is to find in your soul a respect for your vocation. Once you have this sense of mission, this sense of dedication to a cause more worthwhile than any purely personal claim, the rest can follow. Prayer, self-sacrifice, loyalty, perseverance, and in fact the whole list, come spontaneously to the soul who concentrates upon the vocation immediately present and refuses to look at the vocation over the hill.” -Dom Hubert Van Zeller


One temptation of the modern woman is to believe that “if only….then” life would be perfect. “If only:” I had a different station in life, a different set of circumstances, a better job, a better skill set, etc. It is the very imperfection of our station and circumstance that makes for the possibility of our wholeness and achievement. Nothing is better than what is at hand to find God and to discover ourselves in the process.

In Holiness for Housewives (and other working women), we find a call to embrace the daily monotony, the uncertainty, the drudgery so as to sanctify it and give it meaning. By turning with our whole heart to the task at hand we elevate that task to greatness. It is through the daily small tasks, offered to God as His will, that we share in His creative power. Through the alchemy of obedience, we turn what was once mundane into that which is heavenly.

If you need a reminder of the greatness of the task at hand, wherever your life might be today, grab a copy of Holiness for Housewives for a practical and easy read.