Grow Faster with a Momentum Group

A Momentum Group is the key to accelerating your personal growth while establishing contentment and patience with your life. When you get together with a group of women who are working on themselves and their lives, you realize a number of things:

  • that you are not alone
  • that everyone has something they are struggling with
  • that you can lift others even when you don’t feel strong yourself
  • that you waited too long to ask for help and now is as good a time as any to begin
  • that no matter where you are in the journey, you just have to get up and keep going

I spend a lot of time in my head. I have an amazing ability to ignore everything around me–including my children. Solitary entanglements in my head are fine when I need to really focus on what is at hand, but sometimes they cause me to feel as if I am the only one being faced with certain challenges.  When we formed our flagship Momentum Group, one of the first things that became apparent was that each one of us had something we were grappling with. I was not alone and I was not unique. I was just overly focused on myself and my struggles.

When we began to share our hopes and dreams, our frustrations and our realities, it became apparent that we each felt something similar. We felt overwhelmed and alone, as if no one else bore a burden just like ours. As we continued to meet, we were able to offer true insights and encouragement. We developed the ability to speak into each other’s lives in a way that was honest, yet loving. We were companions on a journey.

In order to grow yourself and change your circumstances, you just participate. The work is your own. But like any labor, it is more pleasant with company and less of a burden when others are there to encourage and advise.

You can change your life on your own, with the grace of God. But the insight and strength that comes from walking with a friend, or group of friends is priceless.

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