Get a Momentum Group Started

What is a Momentum  Group?

A  Momentum Group is a group of women of your choosing who want to develop themselves and grow intentionally. The Momentum Group meets monthly to review how the previous 28 days went and to discuss any growth resources that were studied and applied (books, talks, essays, etc).

How can a Momentum Group help me to reach my goals and live better?

Everything is easier when you know you have support. Seeing other people striving to improve themselves and add value to their families, you are inspired to work on your own journey with greater intention. Because the relationship you build with your group is based on trust and respect, you share the difficult times as well as the good times. You are reminded that no one's life is perfect and that everyone is striving towards something. Sharing in that journey creates momentum and contentment in your own life. You are both encouraging and encouraged. Knowing that there are others  watching you progress towards your goals motivates you to stay the course.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Use our free resources to get started and sign up for access to new downloads and inspiration. You can choose to purchase additional aids, like our planner, but it is not necessary.

How do I get started?

1 Invite your friends to share in your journey. Download an Invitation template here. 

2 Print a copy of the Momentum 28 Day Planner Page and a copy for each member to use for tracking the habits, goals and projects they are working on.

3 A Momentum Group Read/Content. Check out our suggested reading and resources here.

4 Schedule you first Momentum meeting at a coffee shop or other location that gets everyone out of their routine.

5 Fill out the form below to receive your leadership download that includes:

  • A  Leadership Guide to Getting Started
  • Reading/Resource Form
  • Free resources e-mailed from time to time
  • Access to The Momentum Group Facebook Group

Choose Warriors, Not Just Friends

Sometimes it is not always your closest friends that are working to grow themselves. It is important to seek out friends who are committed to learning, changing and working at living with momentum. A positive and uplifting environment is the key to a successful group, providing energy for the month ahead to stay committed to your goals.

Ready to get the resources you need to start your own Momentum Group? We can help!