Emotional Slavery No More

Emotional Slavery

"When we stop fighting the inevitable we release energy which enables us to create a richer life."

-Elsie MacCormick

One thing that I have only recently discovered is the enslaving power of an emotion in a momentary decision. Every day brings with it a set of tasks that must be completed as part of my 'necessary' responsibilities. I found that I would frequently dread certain jobs to the point that I would put it off until it was a much bigger job. Laundry, dishes, responding to email, checking voicemail and following up with clients--pick something. I could mentally turn any small hill into an overwhelming and looming mountain. I was allowing myself to be subjected to emotional slavery.

It wasn't until I came to the realization that it was in the very moment that I allowed myself to decide whether or not I wanted to do something that I had lost the battle. By taking that split second to give power to the emotion of the decision, I had given up the ability to just get it done--I had become a slave to my emotions, to my feelings. In that moment I considered: is this a pleasant task? Do I WANT to perform it? Do I like this job? Can it wait for later when I FEEL like doing it?

Emotional slavery keeps me from becoming better every time. When I choose to procrastinate instead of initiate, I am a slave to my emotion. When I allow every annoyance and inconvenience to affect how I treat people, how I perform my duties or my attitude--then I am a slave to my emotion. Gaining the ability to do the right thing, the necessary thing--regardless of how I feel about it, was my freedom cry from emotional slavery. Recognizing that it was the decision about how I FELT about a certain obligation that was making me put things off was a liberating epiphany.

Nike was a self-improvement prophet: Don't stop to think about whether or not you feel like doing something. JUST DO IT!