About Us

As a business owner, a mom and everything in between, I have been on a mission to improve myself, my methods and my life. I have consumed 100’s of books, talks and motivational events in the hopes of arriving at an undetermined pinnacle of “success.”

However, in spite of all the fantastic insights and advice, I often came up short, partly because I couldn’t define what “success” looked like for me. I wore so many hats that to be successful in one area alone would mean epic failure in another. I couldn’t reconcile the world’s view of success with my own circumstances or desires.

It was usually when I had a pile of work ready to be done or a list of clients I needed to call that worry would settle in: “What if we don’t have enough work to keep everyone busy? What if we need to lay someone off? What if we lose the contract?” I mean, sure, today I have plenty. But what about tomorrow?

Ever since I can remember, whenever those doubts would creep in, there was always a reassuring voice in my head that would say, “Take care of what you have right now..” Instead of worrying about what I didn’t have right now (in this case, future certainty) I was reminded to only do what was required of me at that moment.

Because I am pretty dense it took me a long time to realize that the echo in my head wasn’t relating only to my occupation: it was meant for my vocation. It meant that I needed to stop looking outside for answers and start reaching inside for understanding. It meant that every circumstance and every task and every responsibility in my life have been laid before me as precision tools, meant to hone and perfect me. There is no more “someday” for me. There is only now. There is only what is at hand. Success means growing into who I was designed to become right where I am today.

Living with Momentum is a training course for the journey of becoming all that you and I are capable of becoming, of better serving God by living with our whole heart, our whole mind and our whole soul. It is a tool to help us work on what we have so that we may free ourselves to get where we need to go. It is a way for us to find “success,” whatever that looks like, for whatever we have at hand.

I hope that this project brings great joy and change to your life as you seek to become, as Matthew Kelly coins, “the best version of yourself.”

Inspiration + Action = Momentum.